BCM, Telkom Creative Industries School

International Seminar and Conference
Creative economy is a manifestation of efforts to make economy improvements which is highly competitive with creativity as the renewable resources. To develop the creative economy, it is required the collaboration of various components taking part in these important roles, namely: intellectuals, entrepreneurs and government. The intellectual role that plays an important element demands the educational bases or universities that areable to competitively generate innovations that can provide solutions to the various problems of the national economy.

Bandung Creative Movement 2014

The purpose of the 1st Bandung Creative Movement 2014 is to present current research related to Arts and Design by bringing together students, researchers, industries, scholars, and others interested in various aspects of the subject, including arts, design, manufacture and consumption, enterpreneurship, creative industries, and design management. Particular attention will be focused on modern innovation relating to art, design, and manufacture. The event is containing student Olympics and the exhibition of art works and designs.

Welcome Speech

Foto Pak Agus 001

Telkom University has a great honor and pleasure of inviting you to “Bandung Creative Movement 2014″, that will be held in 10-11 November 2014 at Telkom University, Bandung, Indonesia.

Bandung Creative Movement is an international of art works and designs. In addition to be a media that encounters the goverment, industries and intellectuals considered as the three important components that should collaborate synergistically to commemorate the creative economy era in Indonesia, it is also a medium to facilitate local movement existing in Bandung, as “The Emerging Creative City”, in order to provide a significant impact on the beginning of innovation and creativity for Indonesia. Through these activities, it is expected that creativity originating from the values of the locality and cultural traditions are able to broadly and globally develop.

The Opened opportunity for the participation of industries, faculties and government in contributing to the success this event is expected to be accelerated to build a media that create Indonesia’s Creative Economy which is able to strive competitively in the global world.

Dean of TCIS,

 Agus Achmad Suhendra, Ir. MT